Interior Design And Decoration


Do you need a budget-friendly residential and commercial interior design service? Then talk to TAROZ DESIGNS. WE PLEDGE TO DELIVER!!
We offer design solutions based on the client’s style, taste, budget, use, and goals for your space. We offer aesthetically and modern styled interior projects with an emphasis on uniqueness and quality output. Consultation is the perfect way to jumpstart an interior design or renovation project. Our approach to interior design is utilitarian and client-centric, thoughtfully mixing furnishings and accessories, in a way that it is bold, contrasting, and timeless. We explore creative environments that push the boundaries of color, texture, and pattern.

Interior Finishing

  • Partition and Glass
  • Ceiling Design Works
  • Hacking and Tiling Works
  • Panelling Works
  • Flooring
  • Wall Cladding Etc.

Furniture Works

  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Ready to Buy Furniture

Such as benches and ottomans, tables, beds, coffee tables, bookshelves, cabinets, sofas and armchairs, walk-in -closets, etc.

Soft Furnishing and Home Décor
We beautify your space with items such as throw pillows, frames, floor cushions, diffusers, candles, candleholders, faux plants, plant pots, faux and stands, indoor plants, tablewares, mirror, clocks,window treatments, rugs, beddings, shower curtains, table cloths, and runners, accessories, lighting, wallpaper, sculptures, kitchenware, home appliances, etc.