Who We Are

Taroz is a full packaged design firm that deals with creativity, planning and execution. We curate designs that energizes and transforms residential and commercial spaces.
We develop authentic concepts that reflects how you love to live by finding inspiration in your passions and lifestyle because your space is powerful and it’s the blueprint of your life. Our attention to little details, being an inveterate perfectionist is one of the few things that makes us unique. The distinctiveness of our designs leave our clients satisfied. A well-designed home or cooperate environment never goes out of fashion. The achievement of a stunning and excellent well-designed space requires a perfect blend of the following:

  • Scale
  • Rhythm
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Aesthetic
  • Clean Lines
  • Functionality
  • Space Planning

“Our designs are individual experiences that allows you feel comfort and peace ” 


meet and agree

The first step to satisfying our clients is understanding with kin interest and discussing their wants and need on a project. We understand the importance of meeting our clients’ needs and design specification. That’s why our journey begins with a meet and agree approach .Read More »


Using a portfolio of research tools, we generate a broad range of verticals including but not limited to exploration, analysis, fact-finding, assessment and implementation of world class ideas that continue to leave our clients in awe. In our fast paced world, we don’t underestimate the power of research of in-depth information. We continue to learn to develop state of the art idea.Read More »

Ideas and concept

The intersection of understanding client specification and conducting a thorough research is to generate the best ideas and concepts to meet your need. What better way to show we understand your specification and conducted our research than to give you some of the best ideas and concepts to meet your need.Read More »

Design and creating process

Our goal is to continually create value for our clients, which is made easier when we’re given the opportunity to challenge conventional thinking. We know that good creative can help achieve our clients’ goals, especially when they view us as an extension of their team, or a long-term partner.  The creating process includes making the virtual 3D-model of the design in the real size, which helps to see the final result clearer.Read More »


The multistep process before a confirmation ensure we deliver FRESH. At this stage you can revel in the beauty of your work and let us proceed to build once we get a confirmation or redesign to ensure our clients are absolutely satisfied.Read More »

build and installation

A mix of new technologies, best personnel and industry experience ensures every build and install phase yields top quality. Top quality jobs require top quality attention to details, top quality teams and quality resources. And we have all of that.Read More »

post project review

The TAROZ brand is committed to transparency including around the impact of our rules and standards. Although our quality team ensure near perfect work, every project deserves a review and this is the opportunity to adore our creation and ensure all specifications are met just because you deserve the best.Read More »